How to Use Quick Fix Urine Plus

1.     Prior to leaving for your test, open the Quick Fix Urine package, shake the bottle generously, take off the cap and place in the microwave for ten seconds.

2.     After warming the Quick Fix Plus for ten seconds verify that it is between 94-100 degrees. If the temperature is too high, let it sit until it is in the appropriate temp range. If it has not yet reached the correct temp, place back in the microwave for a few more seconds and repeat until desired results.

3.     Place the cap back on the bottle shake generously once again.

4.     Included with your Quick Fix Plus is a sticky hand warmer. Open the sticky hand warmer and attach to the bottle. This will maintain the temperature of the bottle for up to 6 hours.

5.     Before you give your sample, verify that your Quick Fix plus is between 94-100 degrees then pour into the collection cup.