Quick Fix Urine Plus 3oz Value Pack


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Need to stock up on Quick Fix Plus? We’ve got you covered! With our Quick Fix Plus Value Pack, you’ll save a decent chuck of change by purchasing the industry’s best synthetic urine in bulk. When you snag this bundle, you’ll get 4 bottles of high-quality fake pee for the price of 3! Whether you’re stocking up for yourself or splitting the stash with your fetish friends, this value pack is the perfect buy!

Each package of Quick Fix Plus comes with 3oz of premium, laboratory grade, synthetic urine. With just the right blend of uric acid, urea, creatinine, and many other chemical compounds typically found in human urine, Quick Fix Plus is nearly identical to real pee (but doesn’t contain all the toxins and bacteria commonly found in human urine). Every bottle comes premixed and balanced with the same pH balance and specific gravity as real urine. In fact, it’s so close to the real deal that many urine testing laboratories purchase Quick Fix to use for testing their urinalysis equipment! Spectrum Labs, the manufacturers of Quick Fix, made their fetish urine so realistic, even urine testing equipment can’t tell the difference between this stuff and the organic urine your body produces!

Since Quick Fix comes premixed, you don’t have to worry about mixing your own fake pee sample from a dehydrated powder. Simply heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds to get it to body temperature and you’ll be ready to flow! Since delivering your urine sample at body temperature is vital to giving the perfect golden shower simulation, every bottle of Quick Fix Plus has a temperature strip attached to let you know when your synthetic urine is at the right temperature (between 94-100 degrees).

You never know when you’re going to need to bust out some fake whiz. That’s why every bottle of Quick Fix Plus also comes with a heating pack you can use to keep your fake piss warm for up to 8 hours. Just open and shake the pack to activate and then attach it to your bottle (on the opposite side from the temperature strip) using the included rubber band. Your fake pee will be ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Quick Fix Plus has been the best selling (and most trusted) synthetic urine for over 25 years - and for good reason. Browse the internet for synthetic urine reviews and you’ll see why Quick Fix is the #1 selling fake pee on the market. Because Spectrum Labs continues to update their formula to stay ahead of testing standards, Quick Fix has been praised by the wet sex community for it’s unparalleled, lifelike quality since the early 90’s!


If you’re anticipating using synthetic urine on the regular, this value pack was made with you in mind. Buy 3 bottles of Quick Fix Plus and you’ll get 1 bottle free! It’s the perfect option for keeping your kink squeaky clean!

The reviews speak for themselves Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine on the market.

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