Quick Fix Urine Plus 3oz


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If you’re fixin’ to get your wet-sex kink on, we’ve got the perfect thing to keep you (and your partner) safe while you’re getting wet and wild! Real pee is packed with toxins and bacteria that can be harmful to others, which is why many water sports enthusiasts prefer to use synthetic urine as a substitute for their own piss. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has been the most trusted fake pee on the market for over 25 years! It’s exactly the same as the urine your body produces but, since it doesn’t contain any dangerous toxins or bacteria, it lets you get freaky without worrying about transmitting anything dangerous to your fetish friends!

The Quick Fix formula has long been the most advanced in the industry and has been consistently updated to stay ahead of testing standards. Complete with the perfect blend of creatinine, uric acid, urea, vitamins, and many other compounds commonly found in human urine, Quick Fix has all the same chemical properties as your own pee - it even has the same pH balance and specific gravity! The newest version (Quick Fix 6.3) is so realistic, urine testing labs even use it to calibrate urinalysis equipment! Because it’s identical to real urine, you can use a bottle of Quick Fix as control sample for urine experiments and even high-tech lab equipment won’t be able to tell the difference! If it’s good enough to pass for pee in a lab, we’re sure it’ll be good enough for your piss play in the bedroom!

Since Quick Fix comes premixed, all you need to do is heat it to body temperature using a microwave. Every bottle of Quick Fix Plus has a temperature strip attached to the side so you can make sure your fake pee is at the right temperature before you use it. You’ll also get one heating pack that’ll help keep your sample at the right temperature for up to 8 hours when you attach it to the bottle using the included rubber band. As long as you follow the easy-prep instructions that come with your 3oz bottle of Quick Fix Plus, you’ll be sure to deliver the perfect golden shower simulation!

Crafted to perfection by Spectrum Labs, Quick Fix Plus has been the #1 selling fake pee in the United States since the 1990’s! Since it can be used to simulate both male and female urine, it’s the perfect solution if you’re looking to deliver a cleaner, safer, wet-sex experience.

If you’re getting kinky on the regular, stock up and save by grabbing our Quick Fix Plus Value Pack (buy 3 bottles and get 1 free)!

The reviews speak for themselves Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine on the market.

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